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Thunderstorms and Lightning in Beaufort

Thunderstorms and lightning are a fact of life in the Beaufort area. The storms here can be quite violent and may produce many lightning strikes. During the summer season, these storms can occur on most days, with very little warning, especially in the afternoon and early evening hours. Thunderstorms in the area have claimed lives and should be treated with the utmost in respect. The lightning produced in area storms is extremely dangerous, often approaching 15 or more strikes per minute. Contrary to popular belief, lightning can and does strike the same spot again. Often local thunderstorms can produce gale force winds and torrential rainfall, obscuring vision to a few feet. This can make driving very dangerous.

Lightning Pictures

Lightning comes in an array of colors and shapes in the Beaufort area, and is ideal for some very unusual and breathtaking pictures. Just watching the many lightning strikes can be a beautiful sight, but do so from the indoors and away from the window, as the forces of nature are very powerful. The Lowcountry has magnificent storms, with beautiful strikes on most. It just proves that there is beauty in everything, even the most frightening things. When taking pictures, never expose yourself to the elements.

Know What To Do During A Thunderstorm

Water attracts lightning. If caught outside or in a boat, get as low as possible and away from tallest objects. Seek shelter under smaller clumps of trees or vegetation rather than larger trees or in the open. Stay away from windows and open porches or decks. Never use the telephone. Do not bathe, shower or use a hair dryer during a storm. If golfing, get off the course. Don't chance it, the course will still be there! Unplug electric devices and use surge protection on electric lines. Do not go near fallen power lines. Report to officials. If in a vehicle, remember you are safe, turn on headlights, and don't panic. If a power line falls on your vehicle, and you are inside it, stay there. Help will come. You are safest inside, DO NOT get out of your vehicle.