Beaufort Hilton Head Lowcountry ~ Southern Style Recipe Index
Cocktail Sauce a true cocktail sauce - better than big name brands!
Frogmore Stew / Lowcountry Boil a traditional & popular southern shrimp boil recipe
Shrimp Boil shrimp for large groups, traditional boiled shrimp
Shrimp (deep fried rj style) shrimp with a very light crunch - very little breading!
Shrimp in the Microwave shrimp for small groups, quick and tasty
Crabs (boiled) basic simple to cook crab recipe - southern classic
Clams in the Microwave simple but a most delicious & natural clam recipe
Clams - Baked & Roasted Oven or over a fire clam recipe
Oyster Stew & Soup Beaufort style oyster soup - great for cool fall nights

New resident & visitor helpful tips & facts:

The humidity in the Low Country will really do a trick on your salt shaker. In a short time, the moisture will cause the salt to clump into a solid form. To prevent the salt from clumping, just add about 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of uncooked rice grains to your salt shaker, then fill with fresh salt. The rice grains will absorb the moisture, leaving the salt fresh and ready to shake. Replace rice grains when you refill the shaker.

Seafood cautions and warnings:

Although rare, some people are allergic to shrimp and other types of shellfish. Some may not even know it. If, after eating shrimp or shell fish, you begin to have symptoms like tightness in the throat, chest, difficulty in breathing or develop hives ( red patches ), you may be having an allergic reaction.
It is important to call 911 as this can become life threatening. If you have ever had a reaction to shrimp or to shellfish, DO NOT risk eating shrimp or shellfish again! This is rare and only applies to a small group of people. Most people can safely enjoy the fantastic seafood experience the Lowcountry offers.

Always make sure seafood is fresh and has not spoiled. Shrimp should have no strong or foul smells, and the meat should be pure white and firm. Clams should be closed and holding their water inside the shell, oysters should be closed as well. If ever there is a strong or foul smell, NEVER eat that seafood.
Fouled seafood can produce serious medical conditions which can quickly become life threatening.