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Palmetto Bugs in the Beaufort and Hilton Head Area

Palmetto bugs are the number one unwanted indoor guests in the Beaufort and Hilton Head Island area. Almost every home or business in the area has st least one, no matter how clean and sanitary the area may be.
They are usually seen in dark rooms, when turning the light on.

About Palmetto Bugs

The palmetto bug, also known as the Smokybrown, is the largest species of common cockroach. Adults can be 2 inches long. New residents to the Beaufort area are often horrified upon their first palmetto bug experience. Palmetto bugs can enter a structure through the smallest of openings, and often enter when a door is opened by hiding under or against a doormat or the door frame. Adult males and females have wings and can fly. They do not bite, but it is a very unpleasant experience if they make contact on people. They can carry disease and infest homes in largest numbers during the rainy season & cold weather.
Natural habitats include decaying organic material, moisture damaged wood, cardboard, damp cloth and debris in gutters & spouts.

Palmetto Bug Extermination

The first step is to seal visible entry points into the structure. Always remove food crumbs and water drops on the counter and in sinks. Boric acid in the powder form works very well, but takes time to work. The Roach hotel-type baited traps do work, but do make sure they have openings large enough for a Palmetto bug to enter. Liquid bait appeals to their need for both food and water. Make sure to follow instructions. Remove crumbs from toasters & toaster ovens. Remove natural habitats near the home. Empty all indoor garbage nightly. If possible, do not leave pet food & water bowls out during the night.
The easiest and most effective method to exterminate Palmetto bugs is to routinely use a professional pest control service.

They have equipment and treatments not available to the homeowner. Shop around for the best prices and services offered.