Big Spacer imageHow to Crab in Beaufort

The Beaufort waterways are heavily populated with the Atlantic Blue Crab. These are some of the tastiest crabs out there, and when cooked fresh, well, your taste buds will be screaming for more. Fortunately, crabs are very easy to catch and require very inexpensive gear. Crabbing is an activity the entire family can participate in, and can be a lot of fun.

Equipment Required

All you need to crab is a piece of string, most people use either nylon or cotton, as the crab really doesn't care much. A weight (an old spark plug or a large bolt or nut could even work), a long handle net, a cheap one will do just fine, your bait, (chicken necks work the best), and a bucket half filled with sea water to put all the crabs you catch.

What To Do

Take the string and tie the weight to one end. Then take your bait, (again a chicken neck... because they are tough, and the crabs don't eat it quickly), and tie it next to the weight. Nothing fancy, just wrap the string around the bait tightly and tie a knot around it. Tie a stick to the other end and you are ready. Throw in the bait, and let it rest on the bottom. Soon you will feel a light tug on the string. That is a crab trying to pull the bait deeper. Gently pull in the string and when you see the crab, scoop it up in the net. It is usually best to scoop from the back of the crab, as the crab will not see the net as quickly. Dump the crab into your bucket.

Where and When To Go

The best places to go crabbing are boat landings, little tidal creeks, or really anywhere there is an open space around salt water. Piers and docks are fine too. You don't need a boat, just stand on the bank or dock. The best times to crab are near low tide, or what the crabbers call the "ebb tide", day or night. The crabs are close to the shoreline and are actively feeding.