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Beaufort Salt Water Fishing

Fishing is probably the biggest recreational sport in Beaufort, and being there are so many marsh habitats for young sea life, it's understandable why so many of their hunters show up in these waters. The list of species range from the famous Cobia to the best of the bait stealers... the Sheephead. Fishing in the Beaufort area can be equally productive by boat, pier, dock, surf, or bank. A saltwater license is required to fish Beaufort area salt and fresh waters.

Bottom Fishing the Area Marsh and Waters

Bottom fish would include types such as Drum, Snapper, Flounder, Shark and Porgy. Just about all natural baits work for them, mainly shrimp, cut mullet, menhaden and squid, just to name a few. Jigs, such as the Salty Dog types, work well for flounder, as well as feathered versions. Fishing day or night can result in some nice catches of all the bottom fish. Tackle for most can be medium light to medium heavy, 10 - 30 # line works fine, except for large drum and shark, which require a heavy boat style rod with a Penn style reel using 80# or better line. Crab, menhaden and mullet work well for these monsters. Large sharks can weigh more than 1,000 lbs.

Spot Tail Bass, (Reds), and Trout Fishing

These fish are usually found feeding in or near the marsh grass areas when they are active. The best times to find them are on both incoming and outgoing tides , when the grass area is shallow before full or low tide. Work the edges of the marsh grass with live shrimp and float, plastic worm, jigs, spinners or such. Sometimes dead shrimp and cut bait will work.  Fly fishing is becoming very popular in the area, using shallow draft boats. Always check the latest rules, as they change as often as a politicians promises!

Salt Water Dangers and Cautions

Sand bars never remain the same. Watch out for them near low tide. Sharks and other large fish are present, so use caution when swimming or while in the water. Never swim near fishing or when bleeding. Remember oysters are very sharp and cut like razors.