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Beaufort Tides Index

The tides in the Beaufort and Hilton Head Island area, including Hunting Island, are much greater in height than just about any eastern coastal area. We normally see 7 to 8 foot tides. Because of these extremes, it is very important to know when the tide is going to be low, so boaters can make it home rather than sitting out the night stuck in the mud. The bad side of the extreme changes is in boater safety, as 8 feet of water loss means a much greater chance of groundings and boat damage.

Best tides for what you do..

Usually an hour before and after the tide change produces the best fishing during both low tides and high tides. Shrimping is best during low tide, as is collecting oysters and clams. High tides are generally best for game fish such as trout and bass, who feed on the edges of oyster banks and the marsh grass. Photography and sight seeing is best on the high tide. Crabbing is good during both tides.

Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Hunting Island Tide Tables

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