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Beaufort Sunrise Sunset Index

The sunsets and sunrises in the Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Hunting Island areas are best described as breathtaking at least. Some say they are comparable to those seen in Key West and Hawaii. During high periods of humidity, awesome lighting effects can be created.

Best times for what you do..

Photographers and Artists frequently target the sea island marsh, nature and vegetation against the Lowcountry sunset and sunrise. The best pictures are taken within 4 hours after sunrise and 4 hours before sunset. Spring and fall provide the most beautiful colors, as does summer just after a thunderstorm. Usually the best colors will be observed during the 60 minutes after the sunrise and during the 35 minutes before sunset. During the mid day, between 11:00 and 3:00, the sun can be very harsh and makes it difficult at best to get great pictures. the Lowcountry landscape and marshlands take on a very unique aura during the sunset and sunrise periods.

Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Hunting Island Sunrise / Sunset Tables

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