Sponsorship Opportunities

BeaufortUSA.com provides a sponsorship opportunity to promote your business or products that may be of value to our loyal viewers. Most of our viewers using BeaufortUSA are planning a visit to the area, are moving to the area or are local residents looking for information on the area. More than a million visitors a year come to Hunting Island and the Beaufort area. Many check out the area on BeaufortUSA.com and many research and plan things to do, where to go and places to eat or shop prior to their visit. This makes a highly visible and cost effective avenue for your business and provides a great service to our viewer.

Types of Sponsorship Offered

We offer 2 styles of sponsorship. A Premium Page Sponsor and a Premium Directory Sponsor.
All terms are based on a pre-paid annual period.

Premium Page Sponsor

These are the sponsor tags used on most pages. Most pages allow 3 unique sponsors which are located to the right of the page images. When the viewer places the mouse cursor over the sponsor image, a larger image replaces the main picture on the page with detailed info about your business. The viewer can judge whether he/she wants more info and can visit your web site by clicking on the sponsor image. By allowing viewers the informed choice, those who visit are interested in what you have to offer. This works well for both our viewer and for our sponsor.

There are several sections that have a different layout for sponsorship.
The Sunrise & Sunset page group have 2 unique sponsor spots available and
the Tide Table page group have 3 unique sponsorship spots available.
These sponsor spots utilize a static style layout that provides a link to your business web site.
For example.. A sponsor on the Tide Table page will be seen an all 12 pages (months) that have Tide Tables.

All Premium Page sponsorships include a Premium Directory link at no additional charge.

Premium Directory Listings

Premium Directory listings allow your business logo or an image, provide a link to your web site, give 3-lines of business description and appear above the basic listings.

How To Become A Sponsor

For more information or to become a Sponsor, please email sales and we can assist you. If you wish to call, please call 843-271-0747.

                       We never use spam or sales tactics to persuade a sponsor or to make a sale.
                We never trade, sell or provide your email or personal information to any third parties.