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Self Tours in the Beaufort Area

Sometimes you just want to get away from the crowd and go on a tour all by yourself. Beaufort has so many places and sights to choose from it would be impossible to list them all.

Self Tour Advantages

Self tours give unrestricted time to see what you want to see when you want to see it. This allows more opportunity to interact with nature and the environment. It also cost less and you can stop and rest at will. It is a great way to interact with the entire family and provides great exercise.

Historic Beaufort Self Tours.

A popular way to explore Beaufort is to walk or ride a bike through the Historic District in the city of Beaufort and in Port Royal. Beaufort has one of the largest historic districts in the nation, more than 30 antebellum homes and churches in Beaufort city alone, all within walking distance. Many of the homes have beautiful yards with giant moss laden oaks and colorful plants. Walking really excites the scenes, the smell is astonishing, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. On the waterfront are benches to sit and relax.

Nature Walking Tours

The waterfront park is a very popular walking area. It has swing chairs where one can sit and absorb the beautiful bay scenes while the cool river breeze refreshes the body. Port Royal has a board walk where you can walk over the water bank, plus an observation tower to get great views of the river and marsh. Sheldon Church ruins, Penn Center and Hunting Island State Park are very popular.

Nature Tours by Water

One of the best ways to see the area nature and water views in is by boat or kayak. One can rent a boat locally or go out with a friend and just putt around the hundreds of islands and many thousands of inlets and coves. You get to see nature in it's habitat.