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Hospitals and Medical Care in the Beaufort Area

Beaufort County has an excellent medical system. With 3 major hospitals, nearly a dozen clinics, and many private practices, the health of Beaufort residents and visitors are in good hands. EMS and Fire Departments with trained medical first responders and Paramedics are strategically stationed throughout the county for rapid response to any area with an emergency. Beaufort County has a very state of the art dispatch system, including emergency preparedness and disaster teams.

Beaufort Area Hospitals

Beaufort Memorial Hospital is 170 bed facility, provides 24 coverage to northern Beaufort County. The Beaufort Naval Hospital, a 350 bed facility provides treatment to Military personnel and can assist in the treatment of civilians in the event of major disasters.
The Hilton Head Hospital, a XXX bed facility, provides coverage to Hilton Head Island and Blufton. Nearby Savannah and Charleston both have major trauma centers as well as major surgery centers.

EMS and Fire Departments

The Beaufort County EMS system consists of Paramedics, EMTI and EMT level units. Fire Department units provide extrication and first response units. Stations are placed throughout the county to provide quick response to any part of the county. Helicopter Medivac services are available from Savannah and Charleston. A private ambulance transport service is also available.

Medical Clinics, Treatment and Wellness Services

Beaufort County is blessed with medical practices and treatment centers. Facilities include cancer, cardiac, mental health, dental, optical, stroke, vascular and many other specialty practices. The area has a large population of doctors, specialists and other medical care personnel.