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Lifestyles in Beaufort

Beaufort County's population consists of a mixture of people from just about every spot on earth. Some are here because of the military, while others just because of the surroundings, the natural setting, and the overall pleasant climate. The lifestyle here is one of "just take it easy".

No Rush Lifestyle

It's a pleasant combination of not rushing, but still getting things done. Most everything is done on a slower pace than in some other parts of the country, but after being here awhile, you will see that is why so many people here are really happy with their lives, and feel content. They feel part of Beaufort, a warm feeling of "home", a sense of belonging, not just existing. There is time for family, relaxing and enjoying the many splendors Beaufort has to offer.

Most people here have a genuine caring attitude for each other, their community and the environment in which they live. The weekends are filled with family and friends, cookouts and picnics. Something is always going on in Beaufort. During the week after the workday, you can see many kids and parents playing together on their front lawn, enjoying the weather, like the "good old days".

It's a lifestyle that let's the every day sights look just as magical and amazing, like the first time you saw them.

The Growing Pains

Beaufort has grown a lot in the past 15 years, and the traffic is much more hectic. Although some new residents and developers seem to miss the congested lifestyle they left behind, evident with a few "stack as many homes together as possible" developments. Many people are now working to preserve the lifestyle and area development more towards quality of life rather than quick riches,

to ensure Beaufort will always have lifestyle that allows time to enjoy every sunset and sometimes to even forget what day it is.