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Guided Tours in Beaufort

Beaufort has a tremendous amount of sights and natural history. For many, trying to find and see all the sights can be a frustrating experience, more searching and less time seeing. For some, the best way to explore a new area is with a guided tour.

Guided Tour Advantages

With a guided tour, you get to experience the setting of the history while leaning about the history. The tour guides are very well informed about the history, the lifestyle, homes and the people that once upon a time made Beaufort one of the most aristocratic settings in America.
You'll hear little known facts that somehow missed the info sheets and tour books. Plus, they can answer many of your questions, unveiling facts that interest you. Beaufort has guided tours that cover all areas of interest, from horse drawn carriage tours, walking tours, bus tours and even water tours. If you have never gone on a guided tour before, Beaufort might be the place and time to try one. They can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people.

Guided Horse Drawn Carriage Tours.

The Beaufort area usually has several horse drawn buggy tours that provide tours within the historic section.

Guided Bus Tours

These tours provide the history while staying out of the weather and heat. Some may prefer A/C and the less noise setting.

Guided Water Tours

Usually water tours are available that show history in a unique setting as well as the nature up close and personal.

Guided Walking Tours

Walking tours allow a slower pace while getting a closer look at things. At times, walking tours of historic homes are available.