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The Seasons in Beaufort

Beaufort has a sub tropical weather pattern. The climate in general is breathtaking in the spring, hot and humid in the summer, fantastic in the fall and very mild in the winter. Rainy season is June - September.


Spring weather is pretty much fantastic with temperature hanging in the 60-80 range, low humidity and crystal blue skies are the norm. In April the colors are blazing with azaleas in full bloom. The smells are sweet and powerful. The bad news - sand fleas begin to make their appearance.


In June it starts to get hot and humid during the day, in the 80-90 range and the famous late afternoon popcorn thunderstorms begin to make their appearance. But there are still plenty of gorgeous days during that time. The nights are 70-90, but sometimes can be very humid. The sunsets can be very beautiful and colorful this time of year. July-September, temps both day and night are usually 80-100 with 70-95% humidity. A/C is not an option in late summer!


The falls are pretty much like spring. There are hardly any cold nights, it is cool enough for a light windbreaker at night. Some people are still swimming at the beach and wearing short sleeve shirts around Christmas time. It's still perfect walking and boating weather, although it does get cooler early in the evening. The shrimp season is in full cycle October - November.


Winter here is January and February. Daytimes are usually between 40-55, nights 20-40, below 20 a couple of nights a year. The high humidity can make the cold feel like 0-10 at times. Skies are usually blue and crisp. Occasional ice on bridges, snow is very rare.