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Boating in Beaufort

Everywhere you look in Beaufort, you see boats. Good reason, they're fun. Boating is probably the best way to explore the area, and to cool off on those hot summer days, plus fishing and skiing. There is quite a variety of boats out there, from the dingy to the luxury cruisers.

Jet Ski's

A lot of people are going for the jet ski. While you get wet, you also have a great time jumping the waves and just going nowhere. They are fast, highly maneuverable and easier on the pocket for gas. They can be very dangerous if handled without common sense though.

Sail Boats

Another popular boat here is the sail boat. There's nothing like the sound and feel of the wind pushing you along. Although slower in speed and requiring deeper water, they do make a great way to relax and just take in the views. Some people prefer to live on the bigger boats. They say "there ain' t no grass to mow." They've got a point!

Other Popular Boat Types

Probably the most popular of them all are the runabouts. They are perfect for the family boat as they handle everything from skiing to fishing duties equally well. Pontoon boats, canoes and john boats, though not intended as a deep water craft, do make an excellent sightseeing and fishing platform in more protected waters. Kayaks are a very popular way to explore as well as providing exercise.

Sand Bars

An area attraction is the sand bar. At low tide, areas of sand are left dry, and area boaters flock to them for boater "get-together's" and picnics. These are short lived experiences, usually four hours or so, as the tide does come back and reclaim the sand bar.
What ever type of boat you have, boating can be a lot of fun, even if it's just you.