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Marine Corps Air Station - MCAS Beaufort - Fightertown

When you first see this base, just north of Beaufort, you know these Marines mean business. The Marine Corps Air Station, also known as Fightertown, is where the aviators of the Marines make the big noise. They refine their skills over the Beaufort skies, skills like aircraft carrier landings and mock air to air combat. The Marines here are combat ready, and often go on alert at a moments notice when tension flares in distant lands. They can be deployed anywhere Marines are needed almost immediately. The base has some of the latest and best fighter aircraft in the Marine arsenal and they rotate overseas regularly.

When all hell breaks out, these guys are always ready and willing.

Laurel Bay

MCAS has a housing facility known as Laurel Bay for many of the families stationed there. The quarters have been well maintained. The complex has a convenience store, schools and security within its more than 1,100 acre boundaries.

Community Interaction

MCAS provides Beaufort with air shows, sometimes featuring the famed Navy Blue Angels and other times special units including helicopters, and special rescue techniques are demonstrated at many Beaufort festivals. MCAS also helps the Beaufort area with air search and rescue when the need arises.

The "Noise" You Hear Is The Sound Of Freedom

It can get noisy from all the fighter aircraft buzzing around. The jets are usually perfecting the skills required for deployment and landings on carriers. The phrase "The "Noise you hear is the sound of freedom" was coined here at the MCAS Beaufort Air Station.

Think of it this way, in Beaufort we get a free air show every day!